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    I have a non-working knowlege of CSS. LOL. Just enough knowledge to get me in trouble. I just want the search engine gone. I have deleted everything within my CSS that says search yet it is still there! Help please!!!

    The blog I need help with is


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    No one can begin to help or advise without a link to your blog, starting with http://
    Are you asking about privacy issues for your blog, or about removing or hiding the search bar?


    Sorry it asked for my blog so I assumed it would post it here.

    I am wanting the search engine at the top that is in my header gone. I have looked within my CSS and can not find anything about search, yet the bugger remains! Thanks!




    #searchbox {
       display: none;

    tried that. I found it on another help ?. I put it at the top since there was no other search there.


    Ok, that worked! YAY! Mine was similar to the above but had another line. Took it out. Any ideas about what the colored box around the Entries RSS | Comments RSS would be called. I want that colored box gone! Thought it would be attached to the search box.



    It should be #syndication.


    Thank you!!! I appreciate y’all sharing your knowledge! I am trying to do it on my own but am still struggling a bit!

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