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    If you want to remove the word “Protected” or “Private” from the post title, simply go to the wp-includes folder and edit the post-template.php file. Use the “find” function in your editor to search for the word “Protected”. Keep going until you find it in the following string:

    if ( !empty($post->post_password) ) {
    $protected_title_format = apply_filters(‘protected_title_format’, __(‘Protected: %s’));
    $title = sprintf($protected_title_format, $title);
    } else if ( isset($post->post_status) && ‘private’ == $post->post_status ) {
    $private_title_format = apply_filters(‘private_title_format’, __(‘Private: %s’));
    $title = sprintf($private_title_format, $title);

    Simply remove the word “Protected:” or “Private:” and save and upload to the wp-includes directory. The words will then no longer show up in your title.

    The blog I need help with is


    That CANNOT be done here at wordpress.COM because we do not have access to the underlying wordpress script files. It only works with self-hosted wordpress blogs using the software from wordpress.ORG.

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