Remove "This entry…" and "Bookmark the permalink" from reply page

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    thanks in advance for your help.

    how could i remove also all the text:

    “This entry was posted in General and tagged example, lorem ipsum, sticky. Bookmark the permalink.”

    that appears when entering the reply page in twenty ten theme? can be seen here:

    one thousand thanks!


    The blog I need help with is


    Hi David,

    If you have purchased the Custom CSS upgrade, you can go to Appearance->Customize->CSS and enter the following CSS:


    thanks a lot for your reply. i have CSS and i know this command, but it also erases the “leave a reply” line, and that one i want to keep it.

    any way to erase ONLY that text showed above that shows once you are inside a given entry?


    @delamadrugada, it looks like you found the CSS you needed to remove those items and keep the comments link. Please let us know if you have further questions.


    thanks for your response, but i just found how to remove the “posted in” title from the main posts page, BUT when you enter a given post to write a reply, then you can read all this long and usefulness line:

    “This entry was posted in General and tagged example, lorem ipsum, sticky. Bookmark the permalink.”

    and that one… i don’t know how to take it away!

    is it possible?

    thanks a lot.


    We can use the following which uses the single post body class and limit the removal to only the single post pages.

    .single .entry-utility {
        display: none;


    that’s fantastik. thanks a lot @thesacredpath… almost 4 years with my wordpress blog, and you helped me already several times.


    @thesacredpath just one more little thing, in that page:

    you can see under each “related” post, a little texts that says:

    In “General”

    as i don’t have categories, and that text only adds more useless info, can i take it away somehow??

    one thousand thanks in advance.


    You are welcome. To remove “In General” add the following.

    .jp-relatedposts-post-context {
        display: none !important;

    hey, that one was fast.

    everything clean as a whistle.

    really grateful. have a nice day.


    You are welcome.

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