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Remove "This gallery contains"

  1. Hi,

    On my blog I want my posts to come up with a bit of text next to an image with a 'continue reading' link so I've been using 'Gallery' posts. Is there a CSS hack to allow me to get rid of the bit that says 'This gallery contains 1 photos.' or another way you can think of to achieve the same auto post with text next to image?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you are just putting in one photo, do not use the gallery feature. The gallery feature is for inserting multiple images into a post or page in a grid. It isn't meant for inserting just one image.

    Just use the normal image insert function: .

  3. By using the "Gallery" category or post format for your post, this will trigger the behavior you are mentioning. So if you don't want it to happen, don't use it. This is also theme dependent.

  4. BTW-may I suggest that you link your username to your working blog.

  5. I only want one picture in the main post itself and know how to add images in, but when I post it onto the homepage I just want the first few lines with 'continue reading' next to an image - like a little preview, in a similar way to:

    Can this be done automatically or does it have to be done manually (like I've done here:

    I was using Gallery because it did it automatically but has "This gallery contains 1 photo." which I want rid of.

    Any help would be really useful.

    Also @justjennifer, how do I change which I'm linked to, this isn't my blog, I'm working on it for a mate.


  6. If you're not using the more tag you should be. This way you can add the image as normal and then insert the "continue reading..." bit wherever you like in the following text.

  7. Well that was ridiculously simple...feel a bit special now! Cheers!!

  8. Still - does anyone know if there is a way to remove "this gallery contains..." just for future, because I like the way that post looks...

  9. Don't use the Gallery post format or category in your post.

    When you create a post, insert the thumbnail image linked to the full size image and make it the first thing in your post followed by text, followed by the More tag, which you can customize if you wish.

    About changing the link in your username, see #2 here

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