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    I run a blog where many people write and collaborate.

    Now, a member of the «team» quit.

    What happens if I remove that user from blog’s authors? Will I be able to reassign al his posts to another user (which can then revise them and get their «fatherhood»)? Or would those posts get orphaned ones?

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    The posts will still show as written by the current user but you can use the bulk editing to change the author if you want and any one with a suitable role on the site – Editor, Admin can edit the posts anyway.



    You don’t need to reassign their Posts to another user to edit their Posts – just be and Admin or Editor. If you don’t need to remove all traces of the member that quit – just reduce their privileges to Contributor and then their name stays on the Posts but they could only edit their own Posts (not sure if they can still edit their old Posts or not) but they can’t add anything without an editor approving it – or you could get their old password and then change it to something they don’t know and then their name is still on the list but they can’t get into the site.

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