Remove visitor stats from admin bar?

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    I’m just started blogging again on wordpress and really enjoy it. But one thing i find frustrating is that the visitor stats is shown everywhere i go in what i guess is the admin bar. So is it possible to remove the stats from the admin bar?

    I’m just blogging for fun i don’t care at all about the stats so it’s kind of annoying to see them all the time.

    The blog I need help with is



    No it’s not possible to remove the sparkline stats graph. As only you can see it when you are logged into it’s not an issue.



    Also note that the Admin bar is not your Admin bar. When I or any other member is logged in it’s their Admin bar.


    Oh, i could have been more precise, yes i know that it’s ones personal admin bar, but i want to hide my own bloggs stats so i can’t see them in my admin bar.

    I’m not a frequent blogger but i do it for fun and really likes it, and seeing that I’ve got 0 visitors is kind of boring, that’s why i want to remove it, i don’t care about how many people visits my blog.



    It’s not possible for us bloggers to remove the sparkline stats graph from the Admin bar.


    I solved it by editing the CSS to disable the admin-bar through the stylish add-on to Firefox.

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