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  1. I need to remove certain widgets off the blog, but unable to do so. How do i do it

  2. You need to tell us what's preventing you from doing so. Please let us know what is occuring. Also what browser and OS are you using?

    Should be drag and drop.

  3. I also cannot do it. I'm using Windows XP Professional, and i tried both Firefox and IE...

  4. Have gone to the Presentation tab, and then Widgets?
    Its there that you drag and drop the widgets you want or don't want to your sidebar.
    To take them out you just need to drag them from the sidebar to the box at the bottom of the page.

    and here is the FAQ:

  5. "I cannot do it" isn't specific enough. Are they not staying in the box? Will they not move from the sidebar at all? Which widgets are you trying to remove? Some of them are coded right into the theme and you cannot delete them. What theme are you using? We need to know answers to all of these questions if we're to help you. And give us a link to the blog in question, as well.

  6. i have tried everything under the sun, but the widgets do not seem to budge. have tried dragging it into the box below, but it hops back to its place. The theme I am using is contempt and all the widgets are being used/
    Link to the blog is

  7. Sounds like you're not dragging it far enough. The trick is to drag them until the other widgets move to make space for the one that you're dragging.

    That and answer teh rest of teh questions posed to you of course. :)

  8. mandamus226 I just had the same problem I added all the widgets and couldn't drag and drop them back off. But I worked it out I used the drop down box on categories widgets and dropped it down to 6(box below). That added them into the Available Widgets box. Then dragged and the unwanted widgets into the Available Widgets box and it worked. Then go back categories widgets box and move it back to 1 again, BINGO good luck Christian

  9. Hi, I got the problem with the removal too. The sidebar allows me to have AT LEAST 7 widgets, I can only replace widgets after this. I cannot have less than 7 widgets... is it ment to be that way or is it something stupid going on? ;-)

  10. @mathel
    Please post the url for your blog so we can see it and give better advice. :)


    it changes depending on the default setting of the theme but I can't remove to have less than 7 =/

  12. and when switching themes sometimes the widgets disappeared (guess cause they're not default) but still I cant remove any from that theme. Is it as simple as that some themes has in its setting to "MUST HAVE" the search widget or the tagcloud widget and thats why they cant be removed?

  13. hey again :P another thing is that when i load my page it says in the "status" thing (the foooter ;)) of my window that yellow triangle and something like "done but site contains wrongs" yeah bad translation but i hop u get it. Im using IE with win XP

  14. Not all themes are widget equipped. When you change themes the default sidebar widget display for the theme you change to will appear. Then you can then re-organize and re-order those widgets as you prefer here -> Presentation -> Widgets.

    Some themes have a "search box" built into the theme that cannot be removed.

    The tag cloud widget is removable or ought to be. You simply drag it out of the sidebar widget box and drop it into the available widgets box. And if you cannot remove it then you need staff help.

  15. ok yes then i need staff help ;) cause i cant remove any widgets ;)

  16. I'm sorry we couldn't be more helpful. Please be sure to tell staff (1) your operating system and (2) the browser and version of it you use
    Best wishes :)

  17. thanx alot anyway! *dozens of roses* =)

  18. I love roses - thanks :)

  19. I also need staff help. None of my widgets will go back to the Available Widgets box. I drag them down there, release, and the pop right back up to the Widgets (used) box. Please help! In partiuclar, I need the RSS widget and the Tag Cloud widget outta there. (I am working with XP).

  20. This, for whatever reason seems to be a random problem for some bloggers. Try dragging the widget down to the upper left corner of the "available widgets" area and when the other widgets shift, you can release your mouse button.

  21. I am having the same problem with removing a widget. Since I put one in, my categories appear twice in the sidebar and I'm trying to remove the bottom widget. I tried dragging the widget to the upper left corner of the "available widgets" area, but it just bounces back.

  22. Problem resolved. Ignore previous post.

  23. Keep moving it around the available widgets box until the other widgets shift and then release it. It may be the lower left, or the upper right, or the lower right.

    What browser/version and operating system are you using by the way?

  24. I'm having this problem once... well I dont know maybe twice
    I was tring to drag a widget but instead it highlighted the words
    The Icon was that same like it works
    But then it was fixed and it worked by magic
    I Dont know what was going on there

  25. I had the same problem, but I found you can drag the widgets to the box below and then work your mouse through the box until you find a "sweet spot" at which point the widgets will shift making room for the one you'd like to remove. I believe the "sweet spot" is the location the widget originally came from in the box.

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