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    I have tried to find a thread on this question without any luck so would appreciate any help given. After publishing my blog I noticed that under the heading are the words ” Posted by…(the name of the blog)uncategorized, add a comment and edit post”, when I clicked on edit post I was able to access the blog and change it, I asked a friend to check it for me and she was also able to make changes if she wished. I don’t really want anyone else to edit my posts and would like to delete this information also the word uncategorized. If someone could send me in the right direction I would be very grateful.

    Thank you very much.



    Ok first of you can add category’s to your post when you write a new post
    by going towards the bottom of the editor….

    Was your friend on the same computer because you’re only sup post
    to see the “Edit Feature” when you’re logged in your readers don’t see
    it and have no ability to edit your post….

    If your friend was ona different computer and not logged in under your
    acctount the I would contact staff by using this link »



    Don’t ever set your computer to save your passwords. What if it gets stolen?



    You can’t get rid of Uncategorized until you give the post a different category.

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