Removing a Blog (vs the whole site)

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    I want to remove the blogs that I created – but keep the site – and am not able to do that. I see I can disable the visibility in my dashboard. But I would just like to remove the blogs altogether and have already removed the posts under these blogs. Can you help me please?

    The blog I need help with is


    …if you’re referring to the posts on your blog, go here:

    Click on “Title” / select all (upper left corner)

    Click on the “Bulk Options” drop-down menu (select “Move To Trash”)

    Click Apply

    Repeat as necessary.


    have already removed the posts under these blogs

    Scratch what I wrote… you can delete the blogs, but it’s permanent and you lose the URL. It never, ever comes back. So you can’t remove the blogs, and keep the site.

    You can, however, remove the blogs and keep the account — accounts are forever.



    That’s what it seems like. Thanks for confirming. It does sound odd to me that I would not be able to remove blogs. I created some experimental blogs thinking i would be able to remove them later. Surprised that you cannot do that without giving back the URL. Thanks though!


    …you can make the blogs “Private”, so that only you and people you invite can see them:

    Go to: Site Visibility

    Click: I would like my site to be private, visible only to users I choose

    Scroll down and save… as long as they’re private, no one will see them.

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