Removing a picture from the gallery – how to????

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    How do you remove a picture from the gallery? I uploaded a new picture to a previously-posted blog page, and the image appeared where I wanted it to in the main part of the blog, but then it also appeared a second time in the gallery… I didn’t manually send it there…

    How do I remove it?


    It will automatically show up in the gallery, but after you close the editor and start it again, it will be gone from the gallery. It only stays listed in the gallery for the current editing session.



    Thank you for taking my question. For some reason the picture I added to the blog page is still in the gallery AFTER I finished the current editing session.

    On the post I made today, the picture is at the top of the page how I want it, but then when scrolling down, you see it again included amongst the other gallery pictures.

    Here’s the blog post so you can see what I mean.

    I don’t want the extra picture to show up in the gallery, but I can’t figure how to remove it – I don’t see an option in the gallery editing screen for deleting a picture.

    Thanks for any assistance you might be able to provide.


    I haven’t gotten the gallery completely figured out yet. It could be that you can go into HTML view (code) and take it out, but I’m not sure about that.



    Tried that, there is nothing specific in the code where that picture file is showing up. All pictures are just coded under [gallery]

    Thanks for your replies!

    I’m surprised no one else has asked this question, it seems like it should be something simple to do.


    “I’m surprised no one else has asked this question, it seems like it should be something simple to do.”
    I’m having trouble with it too! So annoying :@


    Just this very moment, I, too, am attempting to remove a gallery image from my draft post. Changed my mind mid-write…



    If it’s something you really want to get out of the post, you CAN delete it from the Media Library. That gets it out of the gallery, too.


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    Once you get it out of the gallery by deleting from the media library, then open a new post. Add the pic you want to that. Give the post a name. Go back to the post you want the pic and put it into that one from the media library. Delete the draft post.

    Gotta be easier way, but that’s all I come up with now.



    Thanks 1tess, I will try that.


    There doesn’t appear to be any way to edit a gallery once it is inserted since even in HTML view, it only shows the gallery shortcode [gallery]. Removing the gallery is simple enough, just remove the shortcode.

    The gallery needs work.



    There’s now a Delete link in the details of each item on the Gallery tab. It will remove the file entirely.

    The gallery will always show all of the images attached to the post. There’s no way to exclude a particular image from a gallery other than attaching it to a different post (you can delete that other post later, as 1tess says).

    We’ll come up with better solutions for some of these things in future.


    Thanks Tellyworth.



    Tellyworth. Thanks.
    Can anyone tell me how to re-arrange the order of the items in the gallery. Or at least a way of loading them in the order I would like to have them on the page. Mine seem to be there anywhichway.



    Er, tellyworth, where *is* the Gallery tab? I can’t find where to edit the Gallery, only the photos via the Media Library. Other than editing photo title, caption and description of the photo itself, what about changing from small to medium photo in the post, or 2 rather than 3 columns, etc? (And if I’m already kvetching, EXIF auto-extraction, please?)

    bellen-my Gallery appears in the order in which the photos were uploaded. I also can’t see any way of rearranging the order once they’ve been uploaded.

    I love the new feature, just am having trouble using it. Is there a FAQ in the works?


    At the top of the add an image or add media windows, there is a link to the gallery and the media library right under the top bar.



    Hi Bellen, this might help regarding re-arranging pictures:

    Thanks everyone for your responses. I appreciate each and every one of you.



    OK-now I see it,tsp. Thanks

    You have to go to Manage>Posts, select the Post with the Gallery>Add Image/Media> then a layer opens and you’ll see the tab for Gallery, which gives you the exact same management choices as going to Manage>Media Library and then clicking on the photo name. Oddly, though, if you select “Media Library” from Manage>Posts, etc., you have more choices than through the Manage>Media Library.

    @milliepip/marymina-Tried the drag and drop suggestion from the other post. No dragging, no dropping anywhere I could find.

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