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Removing a post from uncategorized

  1. I just imported a few posts from my old Blogger account. I created a category for them and added the posts there. However, they still belong to "uncategorized". How do I make a post belong to only one category, and not uncategorized?

    I tried bulk editing and only checked the correct category. I also tried only checking uncategorised and then doing another edit checking only the correct category. Neither seems to have worked. As far as I know, WordPress demands (internally) each post to have at least one category. But I also want to use that category, for post that are just that, some quick thought I dont (yet) have a specific category for.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Could you give us a link to your blog please?

    (Quick) Edit your post => Uncheck Uncategorized => Check the right category

    - Lora

  3. Its Strange, the posting dialog asked me for which blog I needed help with, thought it would do something with that. :p

    Regarding your answer, doing such bulk edit, the "uncategorized" category isnt checked when viewing the posts.

  4. When you are using the bulk edit tool you just select in which category you would like the posts to be, you do not see the current category/categories.

    - Lora

  5. In bulk edit you'll need to uncheck the "uncategorized" then Check mark the Category you want for the posts. then click "Update Post" on the right side.

  6. When I do a bulk edit (with two posts assigned to two the same categories) I do not see those categories as selected...

  7. I do a bulk edit on all posts in "uncategorized", I see all my categories (unchecked), all posts are listed as belonging to two categories. I check only one category and click "Update Posts". It loads for a while, but all posts still belong to both the categories.

  8. If you're still having trouble I recommend contacting staff directly

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