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Removing a widget from sidebar

  1. abusinessprofessor

    I just created a new blog ( following WordPress for Dummies. On page 79 of the book, it explains how to add widgets from "Available Widgets Section" to the "Sidebar Arrangement". What I am confused about is, how do you remove a widget once you have added it to the sidebar? I have two widgets about "comments" and I want to remove one. Please let me know.

  2. Welcome to WordPress. To remove a widget, just drag it back down to the container with the others and save your change. The sidebar is cached so it might be a while before you see the change. You can do a forced reload (CTRL + F5) if you're impatient. As I usually am.

  3. I too am having this issue.... once I drag the widget back to the "available box" it bounces back to the side bar...

  4. I've had that problem with certain themes from time to time. Try dragging it down to the left or right corner of the available box, almost as if you were trying to drag it off the screen. Let go and cross your fingers! :) If one corner doesn't work, try the other.

  5. Wow... not sure what the corners have to do with it, but it finally took when I put it near the bottom right corner of that box.
    Thanks ellaella :)

  6. You're welcome! Glad it worked. Happy blogging (and widgeting).

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