removing a blog from my account

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    Is there a way to remove a blog I created with the stand-alone WP from from my account?

    How and why did I ever get them connected, you wonder?

    I was trying out the “ Stats” plugin on a stand-alone blog I manage for a non-profit organization. The plugin wanted an API key. My personal blog has an API key. The add-a-blog-to-your-stats page looked easy; there was no mention that it might be impossible to undo, and I wanted to see results fast. I figured if the plugin wasn’t useful, then I wouldn’t lose much of my life on it. So I used my personal blog API key to activate the stats on the stand-alone WP blog.

    I’ve read the “deleting an account” and “deleting a blog” FAQs/threads. The FAQ on changing user names doesn’t apply.

    I do not want to delete either blog. I only want to get the non-profit organization blog off my personal account.

    Can it be done without contacting Support?



    I would recommend contacting Support using the Support Tab in your Dashboard. Let us know what they say.

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