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    There is a google ad at the end of the page and I want to get rid of it, how can do that?

    No Add feature quotes: “We sometimes display discreet advertisements on your blog—this keeps free features free!”

    Sometimes being the premise that in a given time T, I will not have giant hamburger ads float around my site cause WP will accumulate sufficient funds to remove them. In that sense, is it possible that I can wait it out?

    I dont use adsense program, though I submitted my site to googleblogs is this happening because of that?

    The blog I need help with is


    No, wordpress occasionally will show ads on blogs here to help pay for all the datacentera and the bandwidth and such required to run this service. Generally they will only occasionally show up when someone (not logged into wordpress.COM) comes to your site from a search engine link.

    The no-ads upgrade removes all those ads from your blog. They will no longer appear as long as you have the no-ads upgrade.



    thats the whole point “occasionally” and “sometimes”. After they paid for their expenses do they take the ads down or not? I am not sure about paying 30 $ for something that can already be solved from time to time.


    The ads will come and go. For long periods you wont see any.


    The ads are basically “forever” unless wordpress were to simply quit using them. It is part of their revenue stream that pays for all I mentioned plus all of their employees in support and such. As universal says, they will come and go on your blog, but they will come and go forever unless you get the no-ads upgrade and renew it each year.

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