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    I’m attempting to remove all widgets from blitz theme and whenever I delete them all on the design page and go to view the blog, the standard (categories, links, feed) widgets are there. I go back to the design page, and it shows my widgets are empty. Any ideas?

    If I can figure out how to remove them, should it be possible with other themes? I’ve seen it done on blitz, but I haven’t been successful on any.



    The idea of “removing” widgets isn’t to delete all the widgets; as you have found, they reappear. The trick is to place a blank text widget or a blank RSS widget, so that they won’t reappear. Alternatively, you can choose another theme.


    Blitz? We don’t have a Blitz theme. Do you mean Blix? Or Misty Look (the one you’re using in the blog your name is linked to)?

    When you remove all widgets, then you get the default preset of the theme: that’s why you see items in your sidebar while in Design it says zero widgets. If your intention is a blank sidebar, you need to add one invisible widget (usually an empty text widget, as lizii says), but that won’t work on all themes.



    Yes, I apologize…I meant blix. I use Misty look for a few blogs but I was hoping to try blix with no widgets for another project. I’ll give the blank text widget a try. Thanks!

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