Removing an ugly and unncessary Header.

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    The page that contains all posts in a category has the ugly header “Category Archives” – I don’t want it there. For example, for “Room Reviews”, when I click on it, ( I want it to go straight to the posts I’ve made that are reviews of rooms, without the ugly “Category Archives: Room Reviews” heading. How do I get rid of it?

    And if this is an easy to solve question where the answer should have been obvious, I apologize for my complete lack of any ability whatsoever in maintaining the blog. Thank you!



    You could hide that header with some Custom CSS, which you can add in the CSS panel of the Customizer, accessible via Appearance -> Customize menu in your dashboard. This CSS:

    body.category .page-header { display: none; }

    should do the trick.


    Yep. Did the trick just like I wanted. Thank you!

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