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    I have tried the CSS options posted in other forums, but they are not working on the Organization theme.

    How do I remove the dates from my blog postings for Organization theme?

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


    the blog is in process, so don’t mind the mess. thanks!


    the blog is in process, so don’t mind the mess. thanks!



    If you mean remove the dates but keep the author byline, add this:

    .icon-time, .posted-on {
        display: none;
    .byline:before {
        content: "Posted";

    If you mean remove the dates as well as the author byline, one way to do it would be this:

    .icon-time, .posted-on, .byline {
        display: none;
    .post-author p {
        float: left;

    (By the way, at the moment there’s no obvious way for an inexperienced visitor to access your posts.)


    Thank you so much. That worked. I’ve tried so many other css options, but this did it. Great.

    Clearly I am new to this, so what do you mean by no way for inexperienced visitors to access posts. Where would this setting need to be changed to fix this?

    Again, thank you for your insight and time.



    You’re welcome.
    What I meant is that you don’t have a Posts page. Normally the “featured content” slider showcases some posts only, and a separate Posts page displays all your posts. But maybe you don’t need such a page. Are you going to publish many posts? Do you want them all in the slider?

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