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    Hello everyone,

    I would like to place an RSS Feed Icon in my sidebar, and I have no problems doing that (the instructions in the thread in the link below worked fine for me), but when I do the icon has an blue square border around it, making it so ugly that I can’t use it.


    I realize that setting a border to “0” usually does the trick, but there’s no option to do this with the html in this particular text widget.

    Any help would be much appreciated. Unfortunately, all I could find on this problem was this 3 year-old thread below, which died after only 2 replies!

    Changing themes is not an option unfortunately, because Journalist 1.3 is seriously the only one on that I could ever use!



    create new post then paste the image from the widget in HTML mode then switch back to visual mode then click on the image edit icon the click advance settings look for the word border then add a zero then click save at the bottom here is a screen shot of the instructions



    Thanks a lot. I’m still doing some playing around with it, but that definitely got me started!



    Almost finished, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to remove that grey line under the feed icon. Can anybody also help me with that please?



    The Grey line is part of the themes design.



    I thought so! No problem though, it’s just a minor thing. And thanks again for your help.


    I saw a couple small issues in your code, so I’ve corrected it and also added “text-decoration: none; which should get rid of the underline.

    <a href="">
    <img width="14" height="14" alt="" src="" style="border:0 none;text-decoration:none;" /></a>

    Let’s try this again. My previous code broke things up onto two lines.

    <h3>Subscribe<a href=""><img style="border:0 none;text-decoration:none;" src="" alt="" width="14" height="14" /></a></h3>



    You’re welcome!



    Thanks thesacredpath, but I’ve pasted your corrected version (plus a space between the text and the icon) and the grey line is still there.


    Hmmm, the text decoration none should have overridden the CSS styling. I’ll play with it in a little while and post back here if I find a solution.



    I’m off to work here in Korea, so no rush! But thanks for looking into it.


    @jtur001, the following code works in my test blogs (no line under the image) in both Safari 4 and Firefox 3. In your source code, I’m seeing a couple little differences and it may be that those differences are what is making the line appear on your blog. Paste the following into the text widget and see what happens. Like I said, I’m not seeing the underline on my test blog, but I am seeing it on yours.

    <h3>Subscribe <a href=""><img style="border:0 none;text-decoration:none;" src="" alt="" width="14" height="14" /></a></h3>



    It’s strange that the same code produces different results on different blogs!

    Unfortunately, that latest attempt also doesn’t seem to remove the grey line. I’m using Firefox 3.0.11 by the way, and for good measure also checked things on Google Chrome, IE 8, Safari 4, and even Opera 9.64, but it’s on all of those too. Sigh.

    Oh well. It doesn’t look THAT bad really! :) And thanks for trying to help.


    Strange indeed. All I can do is shrug.

    You’re welcome.

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