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Removing byline from onswipe version

  1. landscapelover


    I have set up a simple website-style blog using Coraline. Yesterday I saw the site for the first time on an iPad and it has an author byline for each page, which I really don't want. Is there some way to turn this feature off while keeping the onswipe display?

    Thanks for any help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Did you ever get a response to your question?

  3. landscapelover

    Hey - not yet, but I only asked it three minutes ago!!

  4. Since there is a byline on posts in Coraline, it would not be possible to remove it without perhaps the Custom Design upgrade.

    If you are referring to Pages, like "About me" and "Tell-Tale Signs" and not Posts, then please contact the Theme Team via Support directly and let them know about this. as Authors shouldn't be appearing on Pages.

  5. landscapelover

    Thanks for the reply. It's actually this blog: and there are no posts - everything is a page. So I will do as you suggest and contact the support team.

  6. Ah, well there's a sign it's still too early for me. :) Principle is still the same though. Authors/Dates shouldn't be appearing on Pages

    For next time...If the blog you are asking about isn't the one linked to your username (which is of course using Misty Look), it would be great if you'd provide the link in your opening post.

  7. landscapelover

    justjennifer, thanks again. I've posted the question for staff as you suggested.

    Sorry for the confusion over which blog it was. When I originally posted the question above, I chose the jillsinclair site from the drop-down menu "select the blog you need help with" and had assumed that anyone clicking my username would be taken to the right site.

  8. I doubt hiding the byline in the main theme CSS will hide it in onswipe. Onswipe is a totally separate theme with its own files and CSS and it pulls nothing from the normal theme files or CSS. And, we don't have access to the onswipe CSS.

  9. landscapelover

    Just to report back - seems that although Coraline doesn't display author bylines on pages, Onswipe does, and a member of staff advises "this is not something that can be changed on OnSwipe. Instead, I recommend using a responsive theme that adjusts to all screensizes, so you won't need OnSwipe."
    So I've switched to Twenty Eleven and unselected the option for a special display for iPad users.

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