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Removing cached pages from Google search

  1. I would like to remove cached versions of my former WordPress blog from Google, but since I've deleted my blog, I don't have access to add the appropriate code tags. Can WordPress help remove the cached pages from the Google search engine?


  2. I don't think there is anything that staff can do on this one for you since it is Google has has the page cached, not I don't know if Google has a particular procedure for removing cached content or not :)


  3. trent: yes, Google definitely has a particular procedure for removing cached content.

    mgbennett: in your particular case (i.e. being hosted on where caching of your own webpages by the search engines via META tags was out of you control even when you had your blog alive yet, due to missing five lines of necessary code) all you could do now (had you not removed your blog) is just to update content of cached webpages (while preserving exactly the same URLs); so that next time when GoogleBot crawl those webpages in question it would have a reason to replace cached snapshots with the new version.

    of course, you need to bring your blog back for that in the first place, and that's the point where staff could really help you out; it's a matter of pushing just one button and costs nothing.

    so staff can do on this one for you, but whether they'd be willing to is beyond of our knowledge -- submit a feedback request and post back here please in any result on this particular purpose.

  4. That leaves sending a support request to staff:


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