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Removing "Categories" from Digg 3 Column

  1. I changed over from Tarski yesterday and I’m currently giving Digg 3 Column a trial run. So far so good. But here’s a question: how does one get rid of the “Categories” list on the left side of the blog? It isn’t even on my “Current Widgets” list so I can’t remove it in the usual way.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I think it's hard-coded into the template so that you can't remove it. Sorry.

  3. No, it's not hard coded in. (I installed the theme on my test blog to check.) There are two sidebars on this theme. In your dashboard under design>widgets make sure you are looking at the Sidebar 1 and not Sidebar 2.

    If you are looking at sidebar 1 and don't see the categories widget there, then it was one of the default widgets in the theme. To replace the set of default widgets, just add one of your own choosing from the list.

  4. @vivianpaige: Brilliant! That worked perfectly. Thanks.

  5. Glad to help! (I see you have your blogroll in both sidebars. Did you mean to do that?)

  6. @vivianpaige: I was puzzling over how to get rid of the extra blogroll, then I realised that this arrangement actually works very well for me. I can easily access my links whether I'm hovering near the top of the page or near the bottom (say, when I'm at the tail end of a long post). And since they're spaced far apart, the second blogroll doesn't look particularly superfluous.

    All the same, I'd be grateful for advice on how to remove the other one (for future reference). I imagine it's the same procedure that we used for Sidebar 1, except this time using Sidebar 2?

  7. Yes, that's exactly it. :) For future reference, here's the FAQ on widgets

  8. Hi ladies, just struggling with this myself: but won't solve issue with your ideas yet. my blogs and categories show up on both sidebars , left and right, I find that slightly repetetive and not needed nor wanted. When I click on Sidebar 2 in the design-widget menu it says: 0 used... hm, well. I'd love instead install some on the left -sidebar 1 and others on the right - any idea? Julica

  9. We can't help without a link to your blog. And consider linking it to your user name as explained in the sticky at the top of the forums.

    (If you are hosted here at wordpress.COM, the answer is in the post up above.)

  10. not sure how to do that yet, but will read more and try to learn... :-) thanks.

  11. well here we go:
    I tried to link my username or even my name to my blog - called Primary blog under user profile.

    It is now but should be once it is finished (or shared with others...)
    not really sure where abouts you want me to link this, even after reading all sorts of sticky things...

  12. You need to put http:// in front of the whole name.

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