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Removing "Category Archives"

  1. Hi all:

    I've tried many different things to figure this out with no avail. I'm interested in removing the title "Category Archives: All Dining" when I click on a certain category.

    Here is an example page of categories that does not show "Category Archives", instead it looks like a page, however, I worked on that site and I know it is a category. Unfortunatley, I had very limited use so I don't have the ability to see how it was done. Here is the link to the site I'm referring to:
    Viewpoint category:

    News category:

    As you can see when you press on the category it does NOT show the words "Category Archives".

    How do I do the same for my blog, which remove the words "Category Archives".

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The site you are asking about is not a free-hosted blog on These forums are for only wordpress.COM users.

    If you are using wordpress.ORG software, then you should use their forums for advice:

  3. Yes, theswcSun website is merely an example of what I'd like to do on my blog. I'm using, however, it is in private setting right now, since I'm still editing the entire site.

    I just need to know how to remove the words "Category Archives" when a visitor presses a certain category.

  4. You might be able to do it with CSS. I'm no expert, but I'll move this thread to the CSS forum so someone who knows will see it. CSS is theme dependent so you should say which theme you are using. Also note that CSS is a paid upgrade. If you decide you don't want to buy it, please post that as well.

  5. I'm using Theme: Mystique by digitalnature. But other themes I tried I was also unable to remove "category archives". I don't think CSS is needed, but I could be wrong.

    If anyone can advise I would greatly appreciate it!!!

  6. We cannot remove what appears on the dynamic Categories pages created by the software.

  7. How do I do the same for my blog, which remove the words "Category Archives".

    You can do that with CSS. Add this to your Appearance → Custom Design → CSS editor:

    .archive-title {
    	visibility: hidden;
    .archive-title span {
    	float: left;
    	visibility: visible;

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