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removing clock icon, "published" from posts

  1. My blog is; the theme is K2-Lite.

    I've bought the CSS upgrade and have managed with much research to figure out how to change colours, etc., but despite repeated scanning of the source code and trial and error and searching through the wordpress forums, I can't figure out how to remove the little clock icon and word "Published" that appears before the date on each post entry, as well as the Pencil icon and word "Edit".

    Any idea what the code for those items might look like and how I can alter it so they no longer appear?

    Thanks so much for any help anyone might be able to provide!

  2. I do not thing you are able to remove that.
    Their may be a few themes that leave it out. Check and see!
    The custom CSS is used for changing your blogs appearance like [color, pictures, font, etc]

  3. Actually, you can remove the date and clock icon - and I was surprised to find that you could. Normally it is tied in with everything else below the title. Add this to your CSS.

    .chronodata {
    display: none;
  4. Actually, the above code removes the clock, published and date. To remove the clock only and move published over to the left, add the following to your CSS instead.

    .chronodata {
    background: none;
    padding: 2px 0 2px 0;
  5. Thanks so much!
    I just found this response elsewhere and realized that I didn't have to strip the code, just ADD it to my custom CSS and that doing that would actually remove the clock, etc., from my blog and it worked! I'm so happy! Thanks to all! And thanks re the info about moving to the left...

  6. Thanks, now I know something new!

  7. One q that just occurred to me: Any way to remove the word "Published" and just have the date?

    Thanks again!

  8. It's probably possible, but I don't know sorry! I'll search and see what i find.

  9. Nope, "published" and the date are all controlled together. Both would disappear.

  10. Thanks anyway!

  11. You're welcome, happy blogging.

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