Removing Comment Box for Twenty-Eleven with CSS Custom Design

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    I desperately need help in removing the comment box on all of my pages. I’m removed the comment option in Settings-Discussions. However, I wish to remove the box completely.

    I’m using theme Twenty-Eleven – and have paid to upgrade to Custom Design. Unfortunately I have no idea how all the coding works.

    Could someone please tell me what to write in the CSS box or whatever is required?

    I would be eternally grateful!


    The blog I need help with is


    I would suggest opening each of your pages in the editor, go to the screen options tab at the top right and make sure that the “discussion” module is activated and then scroll down below the text area and in the discussion module disable comments and trackbacks and then “update” the page. The setting at settings > discussion does not affect previously published pages or posts, only things from that point forward.

    Also at settings > discussion, make sure to disable trackbacks as well as comments.

    The above is my suggestion, but if you want to do it through the CSS, here is the CSS.

    #comments {
    display: none;

    Thank you so much – Your advice was perfect!


    You are welcome.



    Thanks from me too! Just looked for a solution and found your answer :)


    There is another way to entirely remove the comment box and that is to turn comments off in each post or page. This is separate from the option in Settings → Discussion, which is just the default setting which is used when new posts are created.

    Note that this is an alternative to using the CSS option above. Both should work.




    Many thanks from my side too! I was looking for same thing.



    Thank you also! I’ve been trying to figure this out for a couple of days and found your solution this morning from a Google search. Appreciate it.



    Thanks to all! You’ve really helped this novice! This experience has been trial & error but with all of you to help it’s been great. Thanks.

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