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    I am using the GARLAND theme and have my web-blog at

    I would like to know:
    1) how to change the bottom line on each page which reads: “Blog at • Theme: Garland by Steven Wittens and Stefan Nagtegaal” to read: “Pax Christi Florida”

    2) How to remove the “Comments OFF” at the bottom of the post on the home page (I don’t ever want to have comments)

    3) How to remove the “Posted in UNCATEGORIZED” at the bottom of the post on the first page. I do not plan to use Categories.

    Thankyouthankyouthankyou! After this, I will have the PERFECT web-blog! (I do have the upgraded CSS, but after looking around, I don’t think that I have the inclination to learn much CSS)



    You appear to have posted the same thing into two different threads.
    Please be aware that those who are volunteering to assist you with css customization have jobs and they donate their “free” time to assist. This means that you must wait patiently for them to respond to your posts.



    OK, I’m very sorry.



    Not to worry. As I explained in the other thread our Moderators move the threads automatically as required. I’m sorry that there is no one online that can help you right now. Please be patient and someone will come online with the required skills to help you, although I can’t say when.


    As for the first, i doubt you can. The blog and theme are being provided FOC, so you have a link back as a courtesy, and in essence as payment for them allowing you to use it. It’s not like its a huge price to pay lol.

    To get rid of the ‘uncatogorised’ label, just make a catagory and delete the uncatorised one. That way all your posts will be in the new catagory. For example make a catagory called ‘Pax Christi Florida’

    As for the comments off, im not sure if you can.



    Yes, I’m relatively sure you have to leave in the links to WordPress and the theme designer as a courtesy. If it were permitted, it would still be bad netiquette.



    Re: netiquette
    In the other thread the same poster asked this question:

    “Blog at • Theme: Garland by Steven Wittens and Stefan Nagtegaal” Any way to change that to: Pax Christi Florida, copyright 2007?

    Not attributing the design of the Garland theme to the designer is IMO unacceptable and claiming copyright to the theme is legally off-base.

    I’m assuming that’s not really what you are aiming at. I think your intention is to exercise copyright over the religious material published on the blog. If so then, know that without even posting a notice, the writing and images created by any individual is their intellectual property and they hold copyright to it. If I have correctly surmised your intention and you wish to post a notice pertaining to the blog post contents then you can check this out


    Thank you to everyone for everything! You have so easily answered my questions that I’ve got half an inkling to learn some CSS myself!

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