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removing "comments off" from "Chateau" theme

  1. How does one go about removing the display of the text :comments off" and "comments closed" in the Chateau theme? Is this possible in the css editor?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there,
    Please do not create duplicate threads. The one you first created is here > Also note that patience is required while waiting for Staff or the single Volunteer who helps with CSS editing to get to your thread and help you.

  3. Sorry -- after posting saw that someone else was directed to the css customization thread, thought I might have put it in the wrong area. Glad to wait till someone is able to answer the question.

  4. Aha now I see what happened. Not to worry you will get help soon. :)

  5. Hi wvando :)

    Use this CSS to hide the "comments off" text in the Chateau theme:

    .post-info .post-com-count {
    display: none;

    Note that this CSS will hide the comment count on the home page for all posts, even if they have comments enabled.

  6. This is great, thanks; now is there a way to remove "comments are closed" from the end of the full posts on the post pages?

  7. There is! I should have thought to put that before.

    .nocomments {
        display: none;
  8. Thanks so much, this is very helpful!

  9. Cheers. :)

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