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    um, where is the “discussion” check box to turn comments on and of in the Supposedly Clean theme? Does it really not exist? Is this theme really that terrible? I must be missing something.
    I would appreciate any support.

    The blog I need help with is



    All default Discussion settings are made on this page > Settings > Discussion.
    Do note that “closing comments” and removing the words provided by the theme such as “submit a comment” or whatever phrase is used are not the same thing. You may find after closing comments that the phrase remains and can only be removed by purchasing a CSS editing upgrade and “hiding” it.



    Hi I loaded my test blog with this theme and when through the steps to close coments. What will remmain after closing comments is this phrase “Comments Off” and it can only be “hidden” by CSS editing as I stated above.



    If you are referring to the checkbox that should appear while you are editing a post, verify your Screen Options on the top right corner and make sure “Discussion” is checked.


    I’m talking on each separate page the “discussion” box that has the check box to allow comments or to not allow comments. (right above the check box for pings and trackbacks) that entire box is non-existent. Is there a discussion setting that I need to fix? I have never seen this happen in any other theme.
    sorry i’m so dense about this.



    @thatsbeautifulfrank: It looks like we posted at the same time. Please take a look at my previous answer :-)



    Good catch! :)

    screen options >

    The checkboxes in the Discussion module under the editor are
    __Allow comments.
    __Allow trackbacks and pingbacks on this page.

    They allow you to over-ride athe deafult seetings on this page I indicated above > Settings > Discussion.


    you guys are awesome. I knew it was something ridiculously easy. THANK YOU!



    You’re welcome from me. Best wishes with your blogging. :)



    You’re welcome from me :-)

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