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    What, if any, are the consequences of removing users with Contributor status from your blog if they have published posts associated with their names?

    I’ve searched the forum here but didn’t find a clear answer and checking the FAQ provides a warning but a strangely unclear and non-specific one:

    “Be careful what roles you give people, especially if you want them to be an Editor or joint Administrator. Promoting someone is easy – removing a role is much harder.”

    What is the definition of “much harder” here on

    I know in the standalone version of WordPress if you remove a Contributor you can default their articles to you as the blog Admin, but is that the same case on

    Yesterday, I was ready to remove a user but I didn’t get the expected warning here I had on my standalone blog that said something like “if you remove this user you need to reassign their posts or they will be deleted…”

    If I remove a Contributor on what happens? Do their posts stay or get deleted? Do their comments stay or get deleted? Can I reassign authorship of their posts or not?

    EDITED TO ADD: I did not delete the Contributor yesterday because I was uncertain of the end result.



    “Be careful what roles you give people, especially if you want them to be an Editor or joint Administrator. Promoting someone is easy – removing a role is much harder.”
    I wrote that because it’s very easy to say to someone “Yeah of course you can be an editor” and then you find them being stupid it’s harder to take the priviledge away. That make sense?

    On a test blog I have as another user, I joined.
    I posted 2 posts as ‘mark’
    The Manage > Posts showed they were my posts
    The theme showed they were my posts
    I removed me from the test blog
    I remained owner of those posts – the Manage > Posts and theme still has my name.
    It does need to be faq’d – I’ll do that later.



    Mark —

    Thanks for testing this for me. I could’ve done that myself, sorry. I thought someone might quickly know the answer without having to step through a solution.

    I removed the users and their names do, indeed, remain attached to their work. Excellent. That’s different from how the standalone version works so I’m glad I asked.

    As for people being “stupid” if you add them as an Editor — why is that “harder” to take them away? If they’re hurting your blog you’d want to yank them ASAP, right?

    Is there an underlying code reason why removing them is ill advised or is it just a courtesy thing?

    Even with your clarification I am uncertain what the FAQ warning is about — if it’s about more than just hurt feelings and recovering from bad judgment.



    It is more about hurt feelings. I’ve had a few emails before where the blog has been shared between admins – and one decides to throw the other out. It’s as much to make people think about the roles – admins are all powerful after all.



    Okay, got it! Hurt feelings I can deal with — a broken blog structure is something I’ll never get over. SMILE!



    Hi – I’m sorry if this should be under support. I started up a blog with an “admin” kind of username (using my own email address, of course), because I wanted to have a kind of global admin account that could be passed between different members. However, I didn’t realize that this is not how the admin works for wordpress. But now I’m stuck as a member of wordpress with a username that’s not my usual one. So… I’d like to transfer the ownership of the blog to someone else, delete my old user account, and create a new account with my usual user name. Is this at all possible??? Or should I just beg “support” to change my username (if possible)? Arrrggggghhhh.




    change the email address for the admin username (this requires a response to a confirmation email that goes out to the original address), then just sign up for a new account.



    I have this problem that I want to remove myself (with a different address) from my second blog, wich are under the same account, but there is no way to remove myself as contributor, author or any role, there is no “delete” function.

    I have created another separate identity that is already admin of this blog that I want to delete from this account with 2 blog, but I can’t…

    Reason: I am going to use WinJournal to edit and upload my entries, but it only recognizes the primary blog, even though I state the correct URL for the secondary blog, so I cannot post to the secondary blog unless I separatte it frm that username (already done). WinJournal reverts it to the primary blog all the time.

    I have asked support(both at wordpress and WinJournal) about this (because WinJournal asks for the blog ID and I think this may differentiate them, but to no avail).

    Where is the BLOG ID???

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