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Removing date from posts. Code not working. :(

  1. Hello,

    I have been trying to remove the date display from my posts in Triton Lite.

    I have tried the following codes but none are making any difference in preview.
    Can anyone help?

    .post-category {
    .post-date {
    .entry-meta {

    Thank you.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Have you tried this?

    time.entry-date {
    	display: none;

    Good luck.

  3. Thanks jtanna01! .entry-date should work. To remove the date from the posts on the home page as well, add this:

    .date-meta {
        display: none;
  4. I have tried all of these codes as well and cannot remove the date posted or "category" from my home page.

  5. @tanyablanck, a lot of CSS is theme specific. This thread is about the Triton Lite, and the blog is using the Greyzed theme.

    I checked your blog and I found that you hid the date posted and category on your home page using this CSS:

    small {

    Note that will affect any text added using the "small" tag. To make it a little more specific and to try to prevent hiding some text you didn't want to hide, try this instead:

    .posttitle small {

    In the future, could you please start a separate thread for questions about separate themes? It helps to keep the forums organized and easier to search in the future.

  6. sorry for posting in the wrong place. I find searching the forums to be very confusing and got excited that someone was asking the same question that I had. How can I quickly find posts about CSS on the theme that my site is using? Greyzed Thanks for all of your help today!

  7. No worries!

    CSS for different themes is different, so there's no guarantee advice in one thread will work for you if it's based on a different theme (a good thing to know when searching). Following are the three main ways I use to search. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, start a new thread.

    1. Using forum tags:

    2. The built in forum search: (you may need to scroll to the Relevant Topics section)

    3. Google:

    Cheers :)

  8. thank you. That's helpful. :)

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