Removing date from top of a post that uses Manifest

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    Hi there,

    I’ve searched on how to remove the date from my post, but all I’ve found so far is css-based, and I don’t have the custom css option. Is there any other way to do this, using Manifest? Or at least to move it down/make it smaller? I’ve already removed it from the checkbox list of “author, date, etc.”.


    The blog I need help with is



    There is no way to do this without purchasing an annually renewable custom design upgrade and CSS editing.

    Also note that removing the date there will not remove it from the permalink. We cannot edit permalinks and every permalinked blog post title will containing the date stamp in it.

    You have removed your blog title and tagline from here > Settings General and that means when search spiders crawl your blog to index content they will not find it.


    ah, thanks. can I do the blog title & tagline as invisible (white html)? I can do html, right, just not css? I just wanted the cleanest look possible.

    thanks again.



    The fields for the Blog Title and Tagline on this page . Settings > general are not HTML activated.

    Please read this entire entry.

    Does the Custom Design upgrade let me edit HTML?
    No. The Custom Design upgrade allows you to edit fonts and CSS only. You can change the appearance of a theme, but not its HTML markup, PHP code, or content.


    got it. so is there no way to not have title/tagline visible, and still get indexed?

    thanks again.



    What would there be to use for indexing if there is no blog title?



    Some themes do provide for hiding the Blog Title text on the blog though it’s still here > Settings > General > but Manifest does not.


    well, the text. the search engine crawlers don’t look just at titles on regular html pages (I don’t know about blogs)…



    I’m sorry but the bottom line here is that there is no option under > Appearance > Header on the Manifest theme to hide the Blog Title and Tagline. Also note that blogs are date focused. Search engine results reflect fresh content. That’s what Google Caffeine is all about ie. keyword relevance and freshness and that’s reflected in the positioning of entries in the SERPs (search engine page results).


    Search engines like to see site titles, and if there isn’t one, then what may end up showing up in some search results for your site will be just the URL and that gives search engines, and those looking for information, little clue as to what the site is about.

    Titles and taglines are another way of defining your site, just as post titles are. Not having titles, taglines, or even say post titles, will not keep your site from being indexed by search engines, but it does in the end hurt your ranking and also what ends up showing up in the snippets that the search engines use in search results.

    Hiding a title and tagline via CSS means it is still there for the search engines to see, just not displayed on the site for the public. Not having a site titles and tagline at settings > general is not recommended since then it is not there for search engines to see.


    thanks for the clarification. like I said, for me it’s a matter of simple, clean layout….also, I don’t know that there will be much that connects whatever I post here; it won’t be a regular blog, with a single theme, so there’s no title I could really give that would apply across the different posts. I’ll think about doing the custom css so I can have an invisible title, I guess, but money’s tight, and if I get anything I was inclined to get the no-ad package.

    thanks again.


    okay, new question, but related. on my main page (, my username (salmonstreet) doesn’t show up, which is as it should be. but I checked to see if the site was showing up in google, and got this page

    which DOES say “by salmonstreet” at the top, which I don’t want (I have my real name at the bottom, but I don’t want it–or my username–at the top). but because I have nothing listed under “pages”, there’s nowhere I can go to correct this. any suggestions? is there an archive template somewhere that’s getting referenced? anything I can do about it, if so?

    thanks again.



    These are the free approaches. If you wish you can change your display name to your actual name.
    Or you can choose a theme that is not coded to display an author byline.


    Manifest does not show the author’s name on the main posts page, but does show it on the single posts pages such as the one you referenced.


    ah…..thanks. this is the first time I’ve used themes (or blogs)–I’ve always designed my own pages, so the restrictions seem weird to me (though of course the ease is nice).

    it’s not possible to use my own html pages for a free site, correct?


    and final question…I looked at sandbox (and many other themes), and thought I’d like that, but there seems to be no way to get rid of any of the categories in the left sidebar. is that true?

    is there any other theme you’d recommend I look at? I just want something minimalist, elegant, content-focused…with enough flexibility to get rid of links that won’t pertain to this blog.

    thanks again.


    Not a total fix but, you can go to settings>general click on “custom” time and enter “Y.” It’ll just show the year (which is as minimalist as I can figure out how to get it).




    Thanks, Rob–that’s a great compromise….


    Those are widgets in the sidebar. You put whatever widgets you want into the sidebar. If you do not want the categories widget, don’t put it in the sidebar.

    If there are no widgets showing in the sidebar at appearance > widgets, then what you are seeing is a sample display of widgets that the theme itself creates so that the sidebar isn’t just an empty space.

    If you do not want a sidebar altogether, then pick a theme where you can set a full-width, no sidebar layout at appearance > theme options.

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