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    We just created a wonderful web-blog at using the GARLAND theme … we want to REMOVE the DATE that appears at the top of each page (including the home page). That is ALL we want to do. We are ready to pay the $15 but are afraid that we won’t be able to figure out how to do this simple thing. Can someone assure me that we can do this (and possibly tell us how easy it is :-) Thank you. shoofoolatte.



    Unfortunately the date is hard coded into most themes. With this in my you won’t be able to REMOVE it. There are options to make it “visible: no”, but that will only work if the date format has its own CSS entry which not all themes do.



    A link to your blog would be helpful so we can see what div surrounds the date. You may be able to remove it with a ‘display:none’ within the CSS.


    span.submitted { display: none; }
    to the edit CSS page (after you buy the upgrade) would take care of it for the garland theme.



    I’m on my locked down terminal so i can’t copy and paste into a new window.


    not having firebug would put you at quite a disadvantage as well ;-)



    thanks y’all. OK. I trust you. I’m buying the CSS upgrade now.
    This is a link to the site:


    Hey! That worked like magic, sunburntkamel! Thank you! It was worth the $15. Now, just one other question: How can I change that line at the bottom that says:
    “Blog at • Theme: Garland by Steven Wittens and Stefan Nagtegaal”

    Any way to change that to: Pax Christi Florida, copyright 2007?


    Also – I do not want any comments on the Home Page and don’t even want it to show that the comments are turned off. And I don’t want the Categories to show at the bottom of the post. Any way to turn that off?
    Thank you again. This is really all I want to do with CSS.
    link to blog is here:



    You appear to have posted the same thing into two different threads.

    Please be aware that those who are volunteering to assist you with css customization have jobs and they donate their “free” time to assist. This means that you must wait patiently for them to respond to your posts.



    Yes, sorry. I guess I thought that there were 2 different forums, one more general, and one for just CSS.



    You’re right. There are two different forums and our Moderators move the threads automatically to the appropriate ones. Not to worry. I’m sorry that there is no one online that can help you right now. Please be patient and someone will come online with the required skills to help you, although I can’t say when.



    div.meta {display:none}

    to nuke the comments and categories.

    It’s technically possible to remove the footer text and I believe staff have said it’s OK to do so (can’t find reference at present, but I remember it because it surprised me). But as has been pointed out on your other thread, it’s generally considered bad form. You can always put your copyright info in a sidebar text widget, it’s more prominent there anyway.


    (slow on the draw)



    thanks for everything, y’all. YOU ARE WONDERFUL (even if slow on the draw!)

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