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Removing Dates

  1. Is there a way to post without a date displaying on the blog? I'd like to use WP more like a webpage that's not so time inclined.

  2. Not without editing the theme and we are currently unable to do so.

  3. The theme Andreas 04 does not show date on posts.

  4. <strike>neither does regulus.</strike> silly me, thought you were referring to timestamp. ignore this!

  5. I think you might be better off with a Wiki or something simular if you're trying to get away from dates. You might want to review Google or your other favorite search engine.

    Blog readers usually are interested in dates and times and all that. I can't recall any blog softwares where dates weren't included.

  6. I have a website that is wordpress-based ( Recently I inadvertently eliminated the citation of dates and times from all the replies to all the posts on the website. How can I recover from this? I would really like to see the date/time stamp on each reply.

  7. You need to be over at as you're running different software than we are here at


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