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    I recently purchased a domain which redirects to my — site. I want to now remove this domain from my list of domains and use wordpress software to host it elsewhere. How do I remove it (from redirecting) other than waiting for the 1 year period to expire?



    Dashboard -> Upgrades -> Domains -> Read the page and note the customer number on there -> Click on Manage my domains -> Move the nameservers to your new host.

    This is covered in detail in the thread that is linked on that Domains page.

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    How to transfer if I bought my domain from wp to other hosting service??



    Read the thread that you post in. :)



    hi there, i have the same request (to remove domain from wordpress and host elsewhere). I have read the above, but am having trouble following the instructions. I am fine to navigate to “domains” (that is how I set things up). I can not see anything that assists in removing domains, or anything that relates to the instruction “Read the page and note the customer number on there”… I am sure I must be missing something simple. Any advise very much appreciated, thanks, Richard.



    I’m still seeing it on the Dashboard -> Upgrades -> Domain page:

    Domain Administration
    The following link will take you to an external site where you already have an account. Before you can log in you must reset the password. Copy the number and follow the link below.

    To reset your password, click “Retrieve my password” then “Reset Password” and enter your customer number. Then check your email.

    Customer Number: ########

    Manage Your Domains

    With a link under the bit about Manage Your Domains. Are you missing that?



    sorry, I dont see that… I’ve taken a screenshot of what I do see and posted on the homepage of Is this the same page you are looking at? I am wondering if it is actually important to remove the domain redirections as it does state that an external NS is being used… thanks in advance for any advice.


    Off the topic here, please tell me how you did the screenshot.




    On Windows to take a screenshot, usually you press the PrtScr button, open Paint (or some other program) and then Paste.
    On a Mac, press Cmd+Shift+4 and choose the area.
    On Linux? No idea :)



    Removing domains (I’ll faq this)

    You do not actually remove the domain name from the Options >Domains page.

    To make the domain mapping work, you went somewhere and changed 2 DNS entries to
    Go back to that same place and change them to whatever values you need.

    That will stop the domain mapping. But the name stays on the page.



    yep, makes perfect sense. Thanks for the clarification (and yes, I used print screen and paint).

    thanks, again p.s. just moved to, so not going far :)



    I gather then this was a domain purchased elsewhere and just doing the $10 domain mapping instead of the $15 price point where the domain is included. I get it know…



    i changed the nameservers back but it still redirects to how long do i ususaly have to wait. its been many hours since i’ve changed teh nameservers.



    Already replied to in a different thread…closing.

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