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removing Facebook and Twitter from Follow Blog confirmation message

  1. I've taken over maintaining a blog that I did not set up, so I'm having trouble figuring out how to remove a customization that is no longer appropriate. It is a customization of the Follow Blog thank you message that integrates with Twitter & Facebook profiles. Those links need to be removed.

    I don't seem to be able to include a screenshot in this post, but the problem can be reproduced easily by "subscribing" to the blog (you'll get an email to confirm and can just ignore it!).

    When you enter an email address, a thank you message appears in the "+ Follow" area. It says: "The authors can also be followed on" and links to Twitter and Facebook accounts.

    Those Facebook and Twitter links need to be removed (and therefore the "can also be followed on" part of the message can also be removed).

    I can't find other threads or support documents about how this message area is controlled. If it has already been covered by one, please do direct me there!

    The blog I need help with is

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