Removing Feeds in Header on MistyLook Theme

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    Is there anyway to remove the Feeds: Posts and Comments section above the custom header in the MistyLook Theme? (Please note, it’s not an RSS widget).

    Thanks for any help or suggestions you can give me.

    The blog I need help with is


    It would require the Custom Design Upgrade and then hiding it via the CSS.


    Actually with some voodoo in a text widget, you can hide them. See this post by Panos, second bit from the bottom.


    Thank you so much! I’ll give that a try.


    Whoops – sorry – I’m the original poster – just signed in from another blog account. Thanks again.


    You are welcome.



    Thanks so much! It worked perfectly. Much appreciated. :-)


    You are welcome.


    Member has improved this theme. Now you can remove feed buttons by Theme Options under appearance.


    I knew you could remove the search box, but when did they add removal of the feed stuff?



    Just an hour ago! I’m subscribed to theme showcase updates and I’ve seen hundreds of updates since last week.



    wpgaurov, sorry to be so dense, but how does one subscribe to theme showcase updates???
    I went to the theme showcase page and couldn’t see a listing of all the hundreds of recent updates, or a way to subscribe to updates…I’m curious about updates to MistyLook since that’s what I have…



    They actually don’t run a blog but publish updates via feed. Go to and click follow (in admin bar) to subscribe via email. You can check out the RSS feed at usual



    Yes, we’ve recently made many improvements to our themes. Providing you with the option to remove the feed links in MistyLook was one of them. Also, be sure to read our official announcement regarding the theme enhancements.

    As @wpgaurav noted above, you can now find options to hide the Feed links in MistyLook by going to Appearance → Theme Options in your Dashboard.

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