Removing footer in new version of WordPress

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    I wonder if anyone can help. I am trying to see if it is possible to remove the “powered by wordpress” text in the footer (and to be able to replace with my own would be an added bonus) on the Twenty Eleven theme.

    I don’t have CSS, so can only use what is available on the free version. I have trawled through other posts and googled my query, but everything I have found refers to, what I assume is an older version of wordpress (I am very new to this website!) or talking about CSS and child themes (no idea what they are!).

    As a sidenote – I am not sure what version of WordPress I am using but I only signed up about three weeks ago so whatever is the most recent is probably it!

    Any help is much appreciated :-)

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there. It is not permitted to remove the Powered by WordPress text in the footer (whether or not you pay for any upgrades on

    Since you are new to WordPress, I’d suggest you check out the Learn WordPress website at



    Removing the footer will get your bog suspended

    You are running the latest version of WordPress here, most of the time what is running here is more advanced than the stable release of WordPress.ORG software – so you are ahead of the rest of the web!!


    Ah okay, didn’t realise this. Thanks for letting me know.

    Not sure what you mean about software, but will stop trying to find out if it is possible to remove the footer now.

    Shame it can’t be done, but I understand why if they are providing free hosting space and templates. Thanks for your help.



    There are two different types of “WordPress” – you are at WordPress.COM

    For more on the difference:

    You be welcome & good luck


    Thanks so much for the info. Now I understand why I was getting so confused when looking for help online. I had no idea there were two types! The fog has now cleared!



    Confusion over what is what is common

    You be welcome

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