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    can i remove these? Is there a theme that i can choose that doesn’t have them?

    The blog I need help with is



    WordPress puts ads now and again in blog posts (supposedly to fund the free blogging)

    To remove, either get the no ads upgrade or you could get ad block (for firefox)



    We members cannot see the Adsense ads on our blogs when we are signed in. Those visitors using Firefox browsers with AdBlock Plus cannot see them. Currently 46.9% of those surfing the web are using Firefox browsers. If you wish you can purchase the annually renewable no-ads upgrade and remove the ads. See here for details >



    that{s new!! I want to remove it as well! I found it this week!!!!


    They’ve been here since 2006. You can buy the upgrade and go add-free.



    I believe, in fact, they were here before but staff hadn’t yet made any comment about them. As far as I’m aware, they’ve been here basically since the year dot.


    Yeah, the only thing I have to go on was the 2006 announcement in the .COM blog. You’ve spent more time in the trenches than me.

    For those who were shocked by the ads.

    And also take a look at the very bottom of the features page.

    That section on ads has been there for the nearly 3.5 years I’ve been here.


    If you want to see really obnoxious ads that are sometimes in very poor taste, sign up for a free LiveJournal blog. One whole sidebar will be filled with ads and some of them are almost not safe for work (NSFW).


    And LJ isn’t even “discrete” about it. The ads are there all the time for everyone to see, logged in or logged out, and no matter if you come from a search engine or not.

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