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Removing image boder-bottom link (while retaining border bottom for text links)

  1. Woah, long title, sorry! But is there a way to remove the the border bottom on an image that is linked? See first post here:

    At the same time though, I still like my text links to have the border bottom (that's what I did with CSS). I wonder if I can isolate the image link problem and still keep the text links properties as is. Thanks

  2. you need to use (I think) the tag

    a img

    and set "text-decoration: none"

    I'm sure that root or devblog or SBK will be along in a minute to tell you the right way, but I think this is right!


  3. Oh I should've said what I tried.. and the "text-decoration:none;" was one of them -- didn't work though.

    Cool, I'll wait a bit for the others replies then. Thanks

  4. you tried it on the a img tag in the CSS? Hmm that's bloody weird, it works for me when I use it! Ho hum!

  5. a img{}

    Won't work because you're applying the rule to the img element, not the a tag. The a tag is what has the border defined in its selector.

    What I'd suggest you to do is to create a class selector where you specify that the link you're gonna use is an image for which you don't want a dotted bottom-border.

    So, create the new class selector and define it like this:

         border: none;

    And your HTML should look something like this:

    <a href="#" class="imglnk"><img src="your image" ... /></a>


  6. Devblog - you rock, I suck!

  7. no, no, no... dude...

  8. Holy cow, that's cool! And works, big thanks devblog!

  9. Cornell, you're good in my books for replying! :)

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