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    Im using the Matala theme. When I include an image in my posts and publish, an automatic beige border appears around the image. I want to remove this. I have CSS upgrade and have tried a number of codes and also checked the settings when uploading the image but haven’t had much luck. Can anyone help?

    The blog I need help with is


    The site linked to your username is wearing Bueno. We need a link to the site you are talking about please.


    You can see the beige border around images as part of the Matala design on the demo page:

    Those borders are set with this code:

    img.alignleft, img.alignright, img.aligncenter, img.alignnone, .post-thumbnail {
    	background: #E2DBD1;
    	border: 1px solid #D1BFA6;
    	max-width: 100%;
    	margin-bottom: 8px;
    	margin-top: 8px;
    	padding: 3px;

    If you just want to remove the colors, you could add something like this to your Appearance → Custom Design → CSS page:

    img.alignleft, img.alignright, img.aligncenter, img.alignnone, .post-thumbnail {
    	background: none;
    	border: none;

    Missed a piece before. If you want to take away the border around images in Matala for captioned images too, you’d need to add those selectors in, like this:

    img.alignleft, img.alignright, img.aligncenter, img.alignnone, .post-thumbnail, .wp-caption img, .entry .wp-caption img {
    	background: none;
    	border: none;

    Would you please also advise how to change the background (the graphic layer) but keeping the tear sheet design for button and mouseover pencil mark? Besides, is it possible to remove post date and author’s name on each post?


    See this other thread which will list all the different images that make up the Matala theme. The torn navigation background is a separate image and the pen mouseover stuff is a “hover” element so those can stay easily when you change the background, but as you will see, there are a boatload of images.


    Thank you so much designsimply you’ve have saved me so much time and i’m very happy with how the site looks now! is the site if anyone wants to check it out.


    Cheers. :)

    And I love that you posted a link back. What do you think about moving the header image to the right just a bit?

    hgroup {
        margin-left: 30px;

    Brilliant! Thank you!

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