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Removing Image frames

  1. How do you remove the frames around images?
    i use K2-lite theme by Various Artists

  2. If the frames are what theme designers had coded into the theme, then you can't except perhaps through a css customization upgrade.

  3. macroartinnature

    I wish that I could also get rid of the lines within my template somehow.
    The line just adds more space around the image and moves out into the body of the message, right on the very edge of the text.
    Nothing major, ... but the appearance of letters touching the image does annoy me on occassion.

  4. I believe css customization upgrading may be a way to do this but don't know for sure so we'll wait until someone can either confirm or deny that.

  5. Hi I had a look at your blog. Are you talking about the borders?
    If so ... simple fix:
    add border="0" to your img src tag.
    <img src="your/pictureidblahblahblah.jpg alt="whatever" border="0" />

  6. yeah,i meant borders i think, those around the image., thanks

  7. perhaps through a css customization upgrade.
    i would get an upgrade if i know how to effectivly customise css, but i dont, so there is no point for me

  8. border="0" did not work, :(

  9. macroartinnature

    Yes, I tried the border="0" thing also with no luck.
    Oh well, ... not really a bit thing I guess.

  10. neouto, there are two issues here. TT's advice should work if it's an automatic border around all images on your template, but I know you want to get rid of the border around the link to your RSS feed. That is very different.

    Most themes put a border around images that are also links so that people can tell they're not just static images. It's a useful feature for a number of reasons, but it does make the RSS button look a little strange on your blog. If you'll note on my sidebar, I don't have that at all; I've used the RSS widget. If you put the RSS button in a text link, WordPress will assume it's a regular image with link and put the border around it. Try using the widget instead. You DO need to configure it, not just drop it in.

  11. @neuto
    This white bordering is the way the theme designers chose to treat images in K2 Lite.

    This black edging is the way the Andreas them designer chose to treat images in the theme you are using.

    We're back to the possibility of changing this by purchasing an upgrade and customizing the css.

  12. Only thing I can think of is the CSS upgrade if border='0' doesn't work. I gather it gets stripped?

  13. macroartinnature

    Thanks again guys!
    Really, ... you guys have been very helpful with the info, and again I apprecaite that! :)

    Yes, I realize now it is a part of the template and there is basically nothing much I can do about it.
    The letters touching the very edge of the frame/border that is around the image is no big thing. Just a aesthetics thing and something that I can live with.

    Thanks for teaching me a thing or two as well!

  14. You're welcome. It's been great helping you because you are always polite and always supply pertinent information. Best wishes. :)

  15. Thanks for the advices,

    and timethief, been to ur blog, it looks good and has got important things to say, great blog.

  16. @neuto
    Thank you for the kind words. I'm beaming. :D

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