Removing imported blog but retaining domain name

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    I was using Blogger with my own domain but lost the fields to access my blog. I started on wordpress to overcome this problem and requested a Domain Mapping to be able to use my domain but the blog I was unable to use came with the transfer and I can’t change it.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Currently, is mapped to

    Are you saying that you’d like to map this to a different blog?

    If so, what is the URL of the blog you’d like to map it to?


    I am not familiar with the terminology but I just want to be rid of the page that came across with the former blog as it is unusable (no way to add new information or edit). All I wanted was the name as I have stationary in this name. Thank you for helping.


    I forgot to mention that the dashboard takes me back to the original (now empty) blog. Not WordPress.


    I have decided to abandon this blog and have started a totally new one under a new address and title.



    Would you like me to move the domain mapping for to ?


    Thankyou. I would love you to map but only if it means redirecting traffic to without bringing across anything from that site.



    That is exactly what it does.

    I have moved to as requested.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!


    I have just been put back to exactly the position that I first asked help for and created a new blog address to overcome. When I put in the address for spirituallink I get spiritual vine with the old posts and the faulty screen. I can’t access the wordpress dashboard from this screen. What I put in on the wordpress dashboard doesn’t appear on the screen shown to the public (spiritualvine). I can’t bring up the new screen (spirituallink) as a public view.

    Please remove spiritual vine.



    That’s because is still pointing towards Blogger. You need to change the nameservers to point to us:



    I have been unable to log on to my e.Non account to redirect the nameserver as I can’t rember my username. Could you please just remove the spiritualvine connection so I am just left with the spirituallink data.

    Thank you



    You can change your primary domain at Store -> Domains in your dashboard:

    If you set your primary domain back to, then your site will be accessible there. It may take a few hours before the change takes full effect.

    If you are able to change your name servers and complete the mapping, you can return to Store -> Domains, and set your domain as the primary domain.


    I went to Store->domains and changed my main domain to spirituallink some 16 hours ago and nothing has changed. An hour ago I went to My Upgrades and cancelled the mapping but so far there hasn’t been any change. Will this remove any connection to spiritualvine?
    I can access the dashboard to spirituallink by using but anyone keying in is directed to my old page of spiritualvine with the old postings.


    I have given up on salvaging and just want all connections to this domain deleted and only have Can you do this for me? Thank you.



    I have canceled and refunded your domain mapping as requested.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!


    There doesn’t seem to be any difference. If I put in I get spiritualvine and the original page.



    The change did take effect, when you enter , that’s the blog that it loads. If you are still seeing the old page, could you please try doing a force refresh (Ctrl + Shift + F5 in Internet Explorer)?


    I am very surprised to read this as everytime I enter it immediately converts to spiritualvine. I tried force refreshing multiple times without any difference. I am wondering if my computer is picking up the links if you are not experiencing this problem. I can’t even see what my wordpress page looks like as I can only access the dashboard.
    I am thinking it would be best if anything to do with spiritualvine and spirituallink were deleted and I will start again with a new blog. Can you do this for me?



    I’d think it would be a pity to delete your existing work, let’s see if we can make it work for you. So, just to clarify, when I enter I see this. Could you please try accessing your blog via a different browser, e.g. Mozilla Firefox? In the Internet Explorer, could you please clear cache?


    I used Mozilla Firefox and everything is working beautifully. I would like to thank all the staff that helped me especially jenia and for the support system have in place. I am now fine to plough along and enjoy my blog.

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