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    I’m fully aware that at present there is no means of removing inactive followers from our Followers list. We can, of course, remove inactive followers from our Twitter accounts and from other social networking sites. However, but we cannot do that here at

    The development of the Reader has brought me to a place of acceptance. Though I’m not happy with some features I am willing to use the Reader more than I did in the past. Though I know this request is not directly related to the Reader, the Followers list is located in that area to which we bloggesr are being directed now for most management functions.

    As Staff are continuing to work on that area to improve it for our use, I think it’s timely to request that Staff consider providing us bloggers with an optional use click to remove inactive followers button in the near future.

    Specifically, I would like to have the ability to manage my followers list by keeping it up to date so I can have some confidence in the numbers reflected here!/my-stats/?blog_subscribers (note: I’m not referring to email subscribers).

    I have merely skimmed through only 3 pages of my followers on the blog linked to my username here and have yet to do that on my personal blog. So far I have made these discoveries re: followers of onecool

    1. some followers have linked to Twitter accounts that no longer exist;
    2. some followers have linked to Twitter accounts that are inactive and have been inactive for months;
    3. some followers have linked to Facebook accounts that no longer exist;
    4. some followers have linked to Facebook accounts that are inactive and have been inactive for months;
    5. some followers have linked to fake accounts;
    6. some followers have deleted their blogs and are no longer active in the community
    7. some followers have abandoned their blogs ie. the blogs have been inactive for months and in some cases for over a year;
    8. having searched for some followers described above I have been unable to locate an active profile and or/blog for them anywhere online.

    I trust this does not sound mean spirited but fake follower stats are not useful to me. While I’m not aimed at perfection, I would appreciate the ability to do some housekeeping by removing inactive followers. You see, I am humbled by the number of followers my blogging has attracted. If I can remove inactive followers at like I can at Twitter, then I will have more confidence in the follower numbers that I see.

    Thank you, in advance, for your consideration of my request.



    Agree. I have 6 email followers who’s emails bounce, which I ought to remove.


    I’m so glad that at least one other blogger agrees. Hopefully, this thread won’t fall to the bottom without others reading it.

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