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Removing invisible windows

  1. Hi!
    I have noticed, that there are many 'invisible' windows for me. It just are mentioned various strange windows by my screen reader. I am totally blind and for my blogging and setting up my WordPress things I didn't need any help of sighted people. I have noticed and also many blind persons, that there are some strange invisible windows, in when We can't work. It is for example settings, or another such things.
    We would like to set those things by our selves and also, I don't need to be my blogs died due to strange inaccessible things, which currently do. But, another blogs companies do It.
    I understand It, that there are maybe not enough blind people, but We don't want to remove, or move our blogs somewhere to another place. Please, could You fix those strange options there?
    Thank You!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi nemaavla

    Perhaps you might find the Dashboard a little more friendly.

    You can access the settings here:

    This would be a good question to leave in the "Ideas" forum:

  3. OK.
    So You didn't understand me well.
    For example, I would like to change my interface language to another and there appears a strange window, which I can't use via my keyboard. Also, this is very strange using by a mouse.
    This same is for example with a deleting site. There were written something, like enter your site. Ofcourse, again it was invisible window.

  4. It'll be better to look on It with some person, which understand a blind people problems in computer. This thing with interface languages in a combo box was very great idea, but now those windows are hidding another windows maybe and for this It is not accessible I think. I am not a developer of WordPress. You just wrote in Support about accessibility, but It is not accessible.

  5. Sorry for double posting. I think on account settings, not of blog general setting.

  6. I tagged this post with modlook so someone can have a look at it.

  7. Hi @nemaavla, thanks for the feedback. I know we're definitely trying to be more accessible, so it's good to know when something isn't working right.

    Can you clarify whether this is a new issue you're experiencing, or whether this has been a problem for a while?

  8. No, this is new issue. This is not on a while.
    I have also tried It with mouse to set another language, but It is for blind persom, like me very impossible.
    But, this is not just one example of those strange windows. Also, if You delete blogs (or sites), strange issue again appears.

  9. @nemaavla thank you -- do you happen to remember when this started for you, or when it last worked? I can try to see what changes were made during that time.

    Also if you have any more details about the strange issues you're seeing, please send those.

  10. I don't remember, but I think, that maybe before this summer It was OK.

  11. Thank you - can you do one more thing and send links to a few pages where you are running into invisible windows?

  12. Those pages are:
    Account settings (language)
    And also, delete site, where is written "enter name of this site to delete" and this is another invisible window. I don't know, that those page will work for You.

  13. Thank you, that's helpful!

  14. But, maybe there are also another sites with those strange things. I know, that some dialogues in WP are visible, but those are not visible.

  15. Thanks, lastly, when you say the window is invisible, can you tell me what that means exactly? I'm not sure I understand.

  16. Invisible is for screen readers for the blind. For example, NVDA says, that this object is invisible. I couldn't explain You about functions of NVDA, but It practically means, that I can't do such things, like read in this window. I use only computer, keyboard and screen reader. Mouse is hard for the blind.

  17. OK. Good to know it's coming from NVDA at least; that'll give me something to search with. Thanks for that.

  18. @nemaavla I just wanted to let you know our team found what you're referring to, and while we can't promise a fix right away, we have ideas and how to move forward and take care of this. Thanks again for your feedback.

  19. OK, this problem wasn't removed with those invisible windows. I don't know, what to choose for another blogging.

  20. Hi @nemaavla, yeah we can't promise a fix right away. But one of our developers has spotted the issue and has a fix in the works.

  21. Temporarily closing this thread (sorry for the spammer comment here.) I'm going to keep checking in with our developers on this and will update you here when it's resolved. Thank you!

  22. Thank You.
    I don't want to switch to another platform, WordPress is still one of accessible things for my work there.

  23. @nemaavla we'll keep working to make it better, too. The person who was working on this is tied up with another project, but I'll keep checking in every so often. Until that's fixed, if there's something we can help you with from our end, let us know.

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