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Removing "leave a reply" from bottom of page - Bold Life theme

  1. Hi there,
    On one page of my website there's a "Leave a reply" box at the bottom of the page. I'm trying to remove it, but am not sure how. Sorry, but I haven't found this in the support site or forums. (Perhaps I'm just missing it??) I'd appreciate help.

    Also, do the sharing buttons appear when you look at the website? They don't for me, but I'm not sure if this is because I created it....


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Open the workshops page for editing, find the "Discussion" box, and uncheck the option that says "Allow comments." This is the related help page:

    Sharing buttons do show up for me right now when I check or

  3. Thanks, I didn't know the "discussion" box is automatically hidden, but with the related help page you shared I found and corrected it.

    And, yes, the sharing buttons are appearing now for me too.


  4. All of the screen options are configurable. If some of the boxes get moved or disabled, they can be hard to find!

    Cheers. :)

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