Removing "leave a reply" from one page only?

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    How do I remove the “Leave a reply” section from ONLY ONE of my pages?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,
    Maybe it would be better to stick to having a single thread in the CSS Forum and keep adding to it, rather than creating multiple threads about the CSS editing of the same blog.

    Note: Aside from Staff (usually designsimply) we have only one Volunteer (thesacredpath) who regulalry helps with CSS editing when he can and I think a single thread would be more convenient for them to follow.


    I like separate threads for separate CSS questions, so sometimes it’s a judgment call. Lists of a bunch of questions in one thread (depending on how long) can get hard to read and hard to follow. Don’t want too many separate threads, but want like things grouped together.

    You can remove “Leave a reply” without CSS, see this help page:



    Oops! Sorry I was wrong about that.


    It totally depends I think! :) And some people might like it the other way. So there’s probably no always-right answer. I like the idea of like things together as long as it’s not a super huge list.

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