Removing line breaks?

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    I’m usually fine with there being line breaks between paragraphs, but I’m currently trying to quote part of a poem in my blog post, and it doesn’t look right if there are breaks between each line. This is what it looks like so far:

    Does anyone know if I can remove them, or is it part of the theme to always put them in?

    The blog I need help with is


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    Visual Editor: Instead of just pressing return at the end of each line, hold down the shift key and press return.
    HTML Editor: type the line, press return, type next line, etc.



    I just had a look at your source code…Did you copy and paste this from MS Word (or any other text editor) by any chance? Next time: In the Visual Editor, use the little ‘T’ icon to paste as plain text, or use the ‘W’ icon to paste from MS Word, that strips off all the formatting.



    I didn’t use Word, and in HTML editor I have just pressed return once and continued writing, which usually works, and that’s why I’m so confused about it not happening here.



    The problem seems to be coming where I try and increase the indent for the second line. Nothing I do seems to get rid of the automatic line break while keeping the indent.


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    It must be the paragraph tags. Use this model instead:

    <div style="padding-left:2.5em;">

    More info here:

    From your source code:

    <p style="margin-left:70px;"><em>What thou lovest well remains,</em></p>
    <p style="margin-left:100px;"><em>The rest is dross</em></p>
    <p style="margin-left:70px;"><em>What thou lov’st well shall not be reft from thee</em></p>
    <p style="margin-left:70px;"><em>What thou lov’st well is thy true heritage</em></p>
    <p style="text-align:right;">Ezra Pound, <em>Pisan Cantos</em>, LXXXI</p>

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