Removing links that don’t show in link manager

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    I tried creating a link button for people to skype my podcast skype account. Little did I know wordpress ignores what you use as a reference and insists on adding “http://” and associated information to the front of your link if it doesn’t see it already there. However, since I didn’t give my link a description, as I just wanted the button they could click to skype me, I now have a skype button with a link of “http://” which clearly won’t work, and it won’t show up in my link manager so I can’t delete it.

    How can I get rid of this bloody thing?




    Well I don’t see the link on your site but deleting’s fairly easy:

    Dashboard -> Links -> Manage Links (Should be the first one that pops up but I’ll mention it) -> Find the link and click on delete to the right of it.

    Maybe if you mentioned which link you’re talking about on your site, we might be able to help.


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