Removing "Local Changes" on WordPress App

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    I want to be able to update a page on my blog from my Android tablet, and I made significant changes to it recently on my tablet, but now I wish to make a minor change.

    I would like to be able to edit the latest version of my page from my tablet so I can do this, but instead it just says “Local Changes” whilst not showing the latest version of the page, and I am worried if I click “Update” it will update the page with the local changes. I don’t want to do this as I made the local changes accidentally a while ago.

    On the Android app, how can I view the latest version of a page without the “Local Changes”? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi –

    Are you connected to the internet? Your app is saving these as a draft, hence the “local changes” but not publishing them live on the blog.

    Try using a different internet connection.

    It’s possible to create new posts and pages and work on your site from the app even if it’s not connected to the internet. The publication is just blocked because there’s no connection.



    Yes, I’m connected to the Internet when I try and update a page. I think this might help explain my issue more clearly:

    When I am about to edit a page, it says “Local Changes” are saved, even though I’ve not made any significant changes.

    This is how it looks like when I try to update the page:

    This is actually the page (note how the actual version says “Visited” and the numbers at the bottom are higher – this is just a minor issue, there’s been times where this same issue has been more inconvenient for me)

    I’m worried that updating the page will just make the actual page back to the old version, which I don’t want. Thanks.



    Also, regarding the use of a different Internet connection, yes, I’ve tried updating it when in several different places but the issue remains the same.



    Please try force-quitting the app from Android’s app settings, and then restart it. Does that make any difference? And how about just restarting your device? There could be a caching issue preventing the post list from syncing correctly, and restarting should flush the device cache.

    If not, another option is to delete all stored app data from Android app settings, but that will also wipe out any local drafts in the app that hasn’t yet been synced to our servers.

    I’m worried that updating the page will just make the actual page back to the old version, which I don’t want.

    Keep in mind that you’ll always be able to restore the current online version of the post via the revision history in the post editor – the moment a change is synced to our servers it creates a new version of the post there, so you should always be able to roll back in case a sync issue in the mobile app messes it up.

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