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Removing lower padding from text widget

  1. Hi,

    On my blog I've added the text widget to display a copyright notice in the supplementary footer area provided by the twenty eleven theme. By default this came with a large amount of padding both above and below the removed text.

    I added to my CSS the following:

    #supplementary {
    border-top:1px solid #ddd;

    which successfully removed all of the upper padding, however a sizeable amount of padding remains at the bottom of the widget.

    Is there any way to remove this padding?

    Apologies if I'm missing something painfully obvious - I started learning CSS today from forum posts. I'm trying to use Chrome's "inspect element" function to isolate elements.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Edit the contents of that text widget. You have an empty paragraph below the line of text.

  3. Actually that is only part of it. This is a weird one so I pulled out the digital hammer. Add this to the bottom of your CSS and then adjust the -10px value as you see fit.

    #supplementary aside {
    margin-bottom: -10px;
  4. thesacredpath,

    thanks so much for your help!! I added the code to my CSS and it has solved the problem.

    Thanks again!!

  5. You are welcome.

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