Removing Menu Title Duplication in Pages

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    Hi – admittedly I’m new to this, but I’m doing ok except…

    I create say a ‘Contact’ page, and it’s all fine except that it displays a large bold ‘Contact’ word at the top of the posting. The fact that it’s highlighted in the menu is sufficient for me and this additional version is just taking up space!

    Any thoughts welcome, I’ve had a search but not finding what I need.

    Thanks in advance, Sidx

    The blog I need help with is



    See here, under “Other options, special cases and tricks”:


    To hid the page title that is in the content area, it would require the custom design upgrade and then a CSS change. If you want to try that change, paste the following into the CSS edit window at appearance > custom design > CSS after deleting the informational text and then view your site using the preview button. In some cases you might have to force refresh/reload the preview page as some browsers hang onto cached pages tenaciously.



    Right thanks for the infos…

    Am I right in saying that this option…

    Tabs for pages but no page titles on the actual pages:
    After you add the pages to the menu, click their arrows to open them, type an additional character in the Navigation Label, click Save Menu.
    Go to Pages > All Pages, hover under each page name, click Quick Edit, replace title with   (HTML for a space), click Update.
    Back to Appearance > Menus: delete the additional character from the Navigation Labels, click Save Menu.

    … is for custom menus and won’t work in pages? Though I may well be severely confused/deluded about what I just said. In which case is the Custom/CSS option the only route for my needs?

    Agh, I love sounding like a total newb :-/



    Am I right in saying that this option…
    … is for custom menus and won’t work in pages?

    No, it’s for pages, but it requires a custom menu, so yes you are confused!
    The regular top menu automatically displays labels that link to all your published pages, and the labels are the actual titles of the pages: if you edit the pages and delete the titles, they will vanish from the menu as well. Replacing the regular menu with a custom one allows you to display labels that aren’t identical to the actual titles of the pages: this includes label on the menu but no title on the page, if you apply the trick I”m explaining in the post timethief linked to.



    Ah, ok that’s the missing link in my head… I think I understand now and will give this a go later. Will report back – thanks very much folks.

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